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EMPOWERING CHILDREN - 8 million significant impressions. 60,000 participating schools. Reinforcing acceptance and diversity. How's that for empowering?
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What It Is

WAFF and Court TV collaborated to produce "Empowering Children in the Aftermath of Hate" in 2002, a 30-minute special that won two Beacon Awards as part of Court TV's public service program Choices and Consequences, making 8 million significant impressions. The program targeted a broad range of students in more than 60,000 elementary and middle schools nationwide, and sought to reinforce values of acceptance and diversity, as well as address a number of social topics including stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination and scapegoating.

WAFF Founder, Nile Rodgers, hosted a portion of the special, which also included the Foundation's children's music video We Are Family: A Musical Message for All. And in a special introduction, Former First Lady Laura Bush discussed the importance of talking with children about acceptance, particularly in the aftermath of 9/11. The program also included a written teacher's guide, with a chapter on the theme of "we are family." The series was additionally produced in partnership with the Anti-Defamation League, Cable in the Classroom, the National Association of Elementary School Principals, National Middle School Association and the National PTA.

"Empowering Children in the Aftermath of Hate" premiered on Court TV October 4, 2002 and aired every Saturday that month.

Spotlight On

Court TV

Court TV featured WAFF's "Empowering Children in the Aftermath of Hate" every Saturday in October 2002 as part of its public service program Choices & Consequences, making 8 million significant impressions.

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