Board of Governors


Florindo "Fred" Volpacchio
Managing Director –Senior Financial Advisor, Wells Fargo Advisers and Private Bank

Florindo "Fred" Volpacchio has a 28-year career in wealth management, having spent 17 years at the Citigroup Private Bank, 2.5 years at HSBC Private Bank, and 8.5 years at Credit Suisse. Fred is currently a Managing Director and Senior Financial Advisor with Wells Fargo Advisors at the Wells Fargo Private Bank. He works closely as a financial advisor for high net worth individuals, with a focus on fixed income and foreign exchange. Fred has a diverse client base, from artists, to musicians, to music industry personnel and your run of the mill wealthy Wall Street investor. Prior to entering financial services, Fred was a university instructor in political science. He has advanced degrees from Columbia and York University, and did his undergraduate work at Vassar College. During his academic career, Fred was editor and publisher of a journal he helped co-found, New Political Science, and was an associate editor at Telos, a journal of contemporary European social theory. While at Telos, Fred interviewed Frank Zappa, which in turn led Frank to ask Fred to use his "exotic forms of economic intercourse," to help Frank with his initiatives in the newly liberated countries of Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, this was cut short due to Frank’s illness and death from cancer. As someone who is often introduced by a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer as one of the most knowledgeable persons about music, Fred has demonstrated that 50 years of reading liner notes, when they existed and could be read, could be put to good use.

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