Board of Governors


Lenn Pryor
Product Manager, Facebook

Lenn Pryor is a Product Manager at Facebook in Menlo Park, CA where he has been a part of team that has connected 1.2 billion people around the world through Facebook’s products. Lenn has spent 19 years designing, building, and shipping software, web sites, and mobile apps that have helped make the world a more open and connected place … or at the very least given you cat pictures that made you laugh when you were bored at work.

Lenn started his career in 1995 as a co-founder of one of the first commercial Web design and development studios at the beginnings of the Web as we know it today, and helped some of the world’s top companies try to figure out how to sell you things in new ways that they used to sell you in old ways. Lenn spent 8 years building products at Microsoft during the years when the PC was the most important piece of technology you owned ... until you lost all your files after it crashed and blue screened. Lenn joined Skype when it was a little start up in Tallinn, Estonia and helped the world talk for free and possibly take your long distance relationship to another level (no judging, we didn’t watch). At eBay he co-founded the mobile team to make sure you never missed a winning bid on that velvet Elvis painting you just had to have in your living room (still not judging). At Nokia he helped turn a struggling digital music start-up founded by Musician Peter Gabriel into a global music service that brings digital music to people and places around the world that Apple didn’t really think was worth the time (ok, judging now).

Lenn dropped out of a mediocre state school in Virginia during his 4th year, he studied Graphic Design and German Language and Literature and was totally lost until he touched his first Silicon Graphics machine. He holds no degrees and has no awards and is totally ok with that. Lenn was lucky to be blessed with being born a middle class white male at the right time in a suburb of Washington D.C. and to have had simple middle class parents who instilled the value of hard work, focus, humility, and hustle. Lenn’s a Dad to two kids and tries his hardest every day to live up to that responsibility. Lenn wishes he was as smart, driven, and focused as the GTL’s are and hopes you can teach him a thing or two.

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