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HOW IT STARTED - 2 days, 200 singing celebrities, 3-part harmonies and 1 global message to start the healing after 9/11

We Are Family Re-Record

In a very direct way, the traumatic events of September 11, 2001 revitalized a spirit of unity, solidarity and civic pride among U.S. citizens, and it gave legendary songwriter, producer and musician Nile Rodgers, a New Yorker, the idea to re-record his hit song "We Are Family" written for pop group Sister Sledge in 1979 – with a diverse community of artists, actors, personalities, firefighters, policemen and everyday citizens affected by the tragedy.

Nile, along with Tommy Boy Music President, Tom Silverman, gathered over 200 personalities together just 11 days after the terrorist attacks, all eager to use the song's message and uplifting beat to mobilize the world and commence the healing process. Together they sang one powerful song that is featured in the music video directed by Spike Lee and the documentary The Making and Meaning of We Are Family. It is also available for download on iTunes, with all proceeds going to WAFF's programs.

This re-record was just the beginning... soon after, Nile used his song "We Are Family" to address our youngest global family members...

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